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October 25, 2022by William Bozeman

Osteoarthritis (OA) affects almost 33 million adults in the United States alone. Much like peripheral neuropathy, which affects the extremities of the body’s nervous system, osteoarthritis is a condition that often manifests in large joints with a lot of use and pressure, like knees, hips, ankles, and other large joints, but can also present in the fingers and toes. Osteoarhtritis is called a wear and tear disease, basically it is the result of years of use and pressure and likely resulted from some initial overuse injury or something significant that triggered the tissue to react to stress stimuli and over time that wearing and tearing results in osteoarthritis. With this description of OA we can see that it is an entirely separate pain condition from other common pains like peripheral neuropathy, and back injuries, and health or illness derived chronic pain conditions.

The causes of OA, when compared to peripheral neuropathy, are not the same by any means, yet the same treatment modality can be highly effective and patients who are familiar with Neuragenex electroanalgesia therapies and our nonsurgical treatments for peripheral neuropathy often are not aware that both conditions can be treated effectively. However, it is not uncommon for many patients who look for pain relief from multiple conditions find themselves being funneled down multiple paths and multiple physicians and treatment suggestions when they could consolidate that effort and find that relief with Neuragenex.

Before patients find their solution with Neuragenex, it is important that they recognize the causes of the condition of OA. After all, understanding the causes of a condition that affects your body on a daily basis is the first step in seeking meaningful treatment.

In short, the most common causes of osteoarthritis include:

Obesity, which worsens the condition after a patient has been diagnosed due to the excess and unnecessary weight and pressure placed on joints, creating increased faster wear and tear.

Overuse, due to working conditions in conjunction with age.

Pre-Existing Conditions, which is a wide range of possible health issues which can lead to the development of Osteoarthritis

Major Injury, which by many medical professionals can be seen as a sudden and extreme overuse or misuse of the joint.

Regardless of the causes of your osteoarthritis condition, Neuragenex offers a non-drug, non-surgical, non-invasive, non-chiropractic solution to this condition and other forms of chronic pain. Hundreds of patients have experienced relief from the pains and irritations of osteoarthritis through our patented FDA approved devices and treatments. Patients who may have been wary of taking medication or undergoing expensive surgery to alleviate their symptoms, can instead resolve pain and restore health using Neuragenex’s electroanalgesia technology and combination IV therapy to address nutritional deficiencies and improve overall health. Many patients experience immediate pain relief and regain better functionality of joints and limbs.

Neuragenex offers electroanalgesia and IV treatment sessions that are only an hour long, twice a week. Neuragenex uses patented high pulse electroanalgesia therapy to send high energy waves of electrical current that activate and heal the nerves damaged from osteoarthritis. Once tissues are stimulated with high pulse electrical current, the cells begin to revascularize and repair. This technology is not only used to treat the effects of chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis but other chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy and wide range of chronic pain conditions.

A study done by Clarence Cone, MD, PhD at the University of Virginia found that electroanalgesia technology used by Neuragenex has been proven to relieve pain and increase the growth and activity of beneficial tissues and cellular activity that will aid in long-term pain relief. Treatment sessions with Neuragenex often result in immediate and long-lasting solutions to the chronic pain of osteoarthritis all without drugs, surgery, chiropractors, or invasive procedures. Patients often express relief from the pain but also the peace of mind that they do not need to rely on potentially addictive medications with all the side effects, or surgeries that may not work or cause even more problems.

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William Bozeman

by William Bozeman

William is a healthcare executive, innovator, entrepreneur, inventor, and writer with a wide range of experience in the medical field. William has multiple degrees in a wide range of subjects that give depth to his capability as an entrepreneur and capacity to operate as an innovative healthcare executive. William has an associate degree in electrical technology, two undergraduate degrees in biotechnology and archaeology, an MBA, and attended medical school in Alabama. William took a leave of absence from medical school to open his first biotech lab and serve as the chief science officer, writer, and innovator. William has founded and launched multiple biotech ventures while serving in a range of positions in that field as chief executive officer, chief science officer, chief medical officer, founder, and innovator. William has brought multiple biologic products to market for clinical use applications and written many treatment protocols for application of use and helped pioneer the use of regenerative medicine in the medical field. William's research-based protocols paved the way for widescale procedure use application in the medical field. Many physicians and medical providers still use his protocols in their practice today and have shared their success and techniques with hundreds of physicians and providers. William was one of the first entrepreneurs to actively help integrate regenerative medicine into mainstream healthcare and coached hundreds of physicians and providers across the nation in the use of regenerative medicine.

William has founded and launched a range of new medical businesses and served as an executive in multiple companies in the healthcare field:

  • Multiple biotech and biologic product production labs with robust national and international distribution
  • Multiple high complex clinical toxicology and PCR labs
  • A nationwide allergy and immunotherapy medical service organization with dozens of locations
  • Founded and opened multiple medical practices and medical service programs specializing chronic pain management without medications, surgery, or invasive procedures.

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Copyright 2024 Neuragenex. All rights reserved.