Endometriosis Pain with Next Generation Neurofunctional Pain Management

January 3, 2023by William Bozeman

Almost half of women worldwide experience the conditions of endometriosis and a lot of them experience it as soon as early puberty. Even considering that this condition is common, most who experience the pain do not seek medical attention or look for treatment. For the most part, this is not due to patients not wanting treatment, but for a lack of treatment options in general. Because of the manner in which this condition develops and the early signs that manifest as endometriosis, women who experience its effects look to common and temporary relief for the pain, rather than seeking a more effective and lasting treatment. Dr. Machairiotis explains just how urgent the need for effective treatment by explaining that, “. . . pain is one of the main symptoms of endometriosis and it has a deleterious effect on a patients’ personal and social life. To date, the clinical management of pain includes prolonged medication use and, in some cases, surgery, both of which are disruptive events for patients. Hence, there is an urgency for the development of a sufficient non-invasive medical treatment” (2021). Relief from the pains of chronic endometriosis, although elusive, exists and can significantly improve the lives of women who understand and seek it out. Knowing and understanding what your body is going through is the first step to seeking effective and lasting treatment– a next generation treatment that can be found through Neuragenex.

Endometriosis develops within women and can best be explained as tissue that should remain inside the uterus grows outside the uterus instead. As Dr. Teresa Gruber and Sylvia Mechsner explain that endometriosis (EM), “. . . is defined by endometrial tissue-like lesions that occur outside the uterine cavity. Primarily, the disease is described as ectopic lesions on the peritoneum of the internal genital organs (endometriosis genitalis externa)” (2021). Specific causes are debated among the medical community, but it is generally assumed that endometriosis is caused by cell differentiation when a female reaches puberty. This cell differentiation causes the lining of the uterus to be developed on the outside.

During each menstrual cycle, the body is designed to break down this tissue and be released but because the tissue has been developed on the outside of the body, it has nowhere to go. Dr. Mary Salliss and her associates summarize the experience of endometriosis as, “. . . a chronic, burdensome condition that is historically understudied” (2021). As far as the pathogenesis (or development) of endometriosis is concerned, the physicians continue to explain that the condition is, “. . . influenced by estrogen metabolism and inflammation, which are modulated by several factors including the microbiome and the estrobolome (the collection of genes encoding estrogen-metabolizing enzymes in the gut microbiome). Therefore, there is increasing interest in understanding the role of microbiota in endometriosis etiology”. To break this down, it should be understood that these doctors are specifically concentrating on the patient’s diet (microbiome) and how it can contribute to the increased/decreased pain (etiology) that patients experience. Also note the chronic inflammation makes an appearance in this chronic pain condition as we see in the others we’ve discussed. Chronic systemic inflammation is a common characteristic of pain conditions and chronic pain in general.

The doctors continue to suggest that, “[t]here is evidence that a dysbiotic [imbalanced] gut or genital microbiota is associated with multiple gynecologic conditions, with mounting data supporting an association between the microbiome and endometriosis and infertility. These microbiomes likely play a role in the gut-brain axis [pathway for communication between the gut and brain], which further supports a putative [reported] association with the spectrum of symptoms associated with endometriosis, including infertility . . .”. In short, these physicians argue that a woman’s ability to maintain a healthy diet will greatly lessen the pain caused by endometriosis. This means that the second stage of the Neuragenex mission statement is an important component of this conditions, retore health. As with all our chronic pain patients and our standard treatment protocols under the premise of Neurofunctional Pain Management, we are attempting to relieve pain first, and restore health so that the pain relief effect can endure as long as possible. Here it seems that restoring health is a critical element of success in treating chronic endometriosis pain.

As one might imagine, the body would have an adverse reaction to being unable to release tissue that has broken down and expected to release. This adverse reaction has even worse side effects when the tissue has grown into other organs surrounding the pelvic area and can cause severe complications and pain if not treated. However, most women who experience this pain do not recognize or differentiate it from the pain that is associated with a more common menstrual cycle. It is important to note here that Neuragenex is not curing this condition, but instead offering a pain treatment option for this condition. Our protocols are designed to relieve pain and restore health, but not to cure the underlying causes of pain. In fact there are many scenarios of chronic pain where the best that can be hoped for is the management and reduction of pain for as long as possible. This is why we aim to relieve pain and restore health because restored health should ideally result in increased pain relief duration.

In a study done in 2008, doctors Milica Markovic and associates determined from a sample of Australian women that “diagnosis is not always straightforward, and women and health professionals alike may have difficulties recognizing period pain as a sign of anomaly, considering it instead as an inevitable part of menstruation” (2008). Because of the inevitable pain and discomfort associated with menstruation many thousands of women do not seek diagnosis or treatment for endometriosis, making the condition much more unknown and elusive than other pain conditions.

Endometriosis is typically diagnosed based on the level of pain that a woman experiences during a menstrual cycle. Cramps that are worse than usual or an over-dependence on painkillers may signify that a doctor’s opinion is necessary. Women suffering from the effects of endometriosis should look for any signs of pain surrounding or involving the pelvic region, and this includes pain during intercourse, urination, and tension or severe cramping in the abdomen. Unfortunately, many women seek temporary solutions to the debilitating pain that do not ultimately have lasting effects, probably because they are unaware that they may even have endometriosis as a condition. Because of the lack of knowledge involving lasting treatment, many women settle with and accept the conditions they have and move forward without ever seeking help. However, there may be options that can help as we will discuss.

It should be a relief for patients to know that there are not only treatments for endometriosis, but that possible lasting and effective treatments can be found through Neuragenex and the use of Neurofunctional Pain Management treatment protocols. With. The way our brains interpret pain is meant to signal to us that something needs to be done. Pain signals have the purpose of driving us to seek treatment or to stop using or agitating the affected area altogether. With Neurofunctional Pain Management we are able to manage the pain signals that trigger the pain while treating the hydration and nutritional deficiencies of the patient, so pain is lessened over time. Neuragenex uses high pulse electrical stimulation to relieve chronic pain, combined with specialized hydration therapy to apply health restoration efforts to address nutritional deficiency restore health so that the pain relief effect will endure as long as possible. The combination of high pulse electrical stimulation and specialized hydration therapy is called Neuralgesia and is a proprietary treatment protocol offered exclusively by Neuragenex.

In addition to Neuralgesia treatment protocols, Neuragenex offers a robust and extensive lifestyle counseling education program that helps patients engage in a healthier lifestyle and ultimately produce the best possible pain relief duration. Our goal is to educate patients who experience pain, offer treatment for that pain, and celebrate the results as patients return to living a manageable lifestyle. With Neurofunctional Pain Management treatment protocols, Neuragenex is poised to be one of the only treatment options available for such a difficult pain condition as endometriosis. There are few conventional treatment options for endometriosis so being able to offer a full treatment program specifically for this condition makes Neuragenex a next generation pain management program.

To reiterate how pain is relieved, Neuragenex treats many chronic pain conditions in the musculoskeletal category such as bone/joint/muscle pain issues, using a combination of high pulse electrical stimulation and specialized hydration therapy. The high pulse stimulation is the initial step in the process because it requires a high pulse frequency to deliver enough power stimulate pain neurons in the tissues deep in the body that are causing endometriosis. The high pulse stimulation creates a depolarization effect that relieves pain. The specialized hydration component if accomplished with nutritional deficiency application to balance the needed vitamins and minerals that are deficient based on blood test results. With these therapies combined our objective is to create lasting therapeutic application for relieving pain. The health restoration effort may include several components depending on the patients’ specific conditions and issues, but ultimately the foundation of the patient’s health restoration is in specialized IV hydration therapy that balances and restores the nutritional deficiencies that are a primary component of chronic systemic inflammation and overall chronic pain. Because there is never a one-size-fits-all solution for most pain conditions, Neuragenex performs thorough diagnostics so that the overall treatment is as effective as possible.

Our mission is to relieve pain, restore health, and magnify quality of life without drugs, surgery, or invasive procedures while maintaining a treatment program that is non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical, non-invasive, and non-chiropractic. Our vision is to be the first thought, first choice, and first step in the journey of chronic pain relief.

William Bozeman

by William Bozeman

William is a healthcare executive, innovator, entrepreneur, inventor, and writer with a wide range of experience in the medical field. William has multiple degrees in a wide range of subjects that give depth to his capability as an entrepreneur and capacity to operate as an innovative healthcare executive. William has an associate degree in electrical technology, two undergraduate degrees in biotechnology and archaeology, an MBA, and attended medical school in Alabama. William took a leave of absence from medical school to open his first biotech lab and serve as the chief science officer, writer, and innovator. William has founded and launched multiple biotech ventures while serving in a range of positions in that field as chief executive officer, chief science officer, chief medical officer, founder, and innovator. William has brought multiple biologic products to market for clinical use applications and written many treatment protocols for application of use and helped pioneer the use of regenerative medicine in the medical field. William's research-based protocols paved the way for widescale procedure use application in the medical field. Many physicians and medical providers still use his protocols in their practice today and have shared their success and techniques with hundreds of physicians and providers. William was one of the first entrepreneurs to actively help integrate regenerative medicine into mainstream healthcare and coached hundreds of physicians and providers across the nation in the use of regenerative medicine.

William has founded and launched a range of new medical businesses and served as an executive in multiple companies in the healthcare field:

  • Multiple biotech and biologic product production labs with robust national and international distribution
  • Multiple high complex clinical toxicology and PCR labs
  • A nationwide allergy and immunotherapy medical service organization with dozens of locations
  • Founded and opened multiple medical practices and medical service programs specializing chronic pain management without medications, surgery, or invasive procedures.


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