What Makes Us Different

Innovation: The alternative to
conventional treatment.

According to the latest statistics from the CDC, more than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic, debilitating pain. Pain presents in a variety of ways, including acute and chronic, pain from accidents, diseases, neuropathy, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease and syndromes like fibromyalgia.

For decades, patients have been presented only with conventional treatment methods to relieve their pain including surgery, injections, and medications such as opioids. This approach led us down the path of addiction, resulting in a rapidly growing epidemic of overdose deaths, ineffective procedures and surgeries that placed a heavy burden on the healthcare system and in some cases, failed to provide the relief patients needed.

Neuragenex uses innovative, non-invasive, non-opioid, research-based solutions. These include but are not limited to Combined Electrochemical Treatment (CET), Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), and our patented Neurassage therapeutic technique, helping to target, manage, reduce, and eliminate acute and chronic pain.


Our Commitment to Care

At Neuragenex, we strive to go beyond the boundaries of “quality healthcare” delivering excellence in clinical care and an exceptional experience. As a patient, you are our primary focus and can expect us to demonstrate that in our actions.

Care: The core of who we are, our work and those we serve.

Compassion: Expressed in our interactions – based on empathy, respect and dignity.

Competence: Meeting individual needs and retaining clinical and technical expertise.

Communication: A person centered approach: Listening is as important as what we say or do.

Commitment: For every individual in our care and to continually improve the care experience.

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LIFEI really wanted to be a soloist – a star of the stage.

I hired Talane Miedaner because I was in an orchestra, but I really wanted to be a soloist—a star of the stage, but didn’t know how to get there. I had no idea Talane would ask me to take The Emotional Index Quiz and work on getting my personal and emotional needs met as a means to reach success.


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Copyright 2023 Neuragenex. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 Neuragenex. All rights reserved.