A Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical, Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Treatment

Offering patients a pain treatment option that does not require surgery, opioids, or invasive procedures.

Joining Forces for Improved Healthcare

Exploring the power of healthcare partnerships to improve patient care, outcomes, and overcome challenges through collaboration.

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Stand-alone centers, comfortable treatment areas, happy and motivated team members are what make Neuragenex the first choice in pain treatment for patients and physicians.

Neuragenex: Start Here

Patients need a first-choice pain treatment option that is non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical. Neuragenex offers patients a chance to resolve their chronic pain without the fear of surgical intervention or risk of drug dependency.

Neuragenex offers treatment options for a wide range of pain conditions and related issues by providing state of the art facilities across the nation.

Designed for Clinical Excellence and Patient Experience

Our unique treatment programs and facility designs ensure quality
and consistency across our entire network.
Unmatched Care
Each Neuragenex features a main treatment bay where patients are treated in either private or social settings under the observation of a medical provider.
Expert Clinical Team
All Neuragenex treatment programs are designed and approved by an advanced board of medical directors who provide clinical oversight. Each location is supervised by a physician and dedicated staff who are experts in patient care.
Provider Partnerships
We work closely with all referring providers and practices to handle patient referral details and ensure an easy and simple transition into treatment in our facilities.
Strengthen your emotional bond
Solid relationships in a marriage are built on trust, emotional intimacy, love and respect.
Improve your communication
Successful couples can work through anything, provided they have communication.

Perfectly designed for your care and comfort

- Private or social treatment bays in our main treatment area.
- Physician and medical providers on site for every treatment event.
- High level physician medical board oversight.
- Progress monitoring throughout your course of treatment and proactive monitoring post treatment.

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For every new patient,
our team will:

- Process your referral.
- Verify benefits and eligibility.
- Gain approval and consult with you on benefits and next steps.
- Explore financial assistance and other programs.

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Copyright 2023 Neuragenex. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 Neuragenex. All rights reserved.