Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

October 25, 2022by William Bozeman

Understanding Peripheral Neuropathy

Essentially, peripheral neuropathy is peripheral nerve damage as a result of underlying conditions. However, peripheral neuropathy is one of the most enigmatic conditions because there are dozens of causes and symptoms that also range from mild to severe. It is crucial that patients experiencing peripheral neuropathy understand the signs and what they can do to alleviate their symptoms.

Symptoms from Most to Least Common

  • Pain in the Extremities (hands and feet)
  • Cramps
  • Spasms
  • Burning Sensations
  • Loss of Feeling
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Loss of Balance
  • Difficulty Standing from a Low-Seated Position


Regardless of the cause of a patient’s peripheral neuropathy, there are several treatments to address its frustrating symptoms and complications. In the case of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the cause is due to insulin imbalances and resulting blood sugar levels, in a complex interaction that is beyond the scope of this writing. While patients work to control their diabetes and related symptoms, patients may also wonder what steps they can take in managing the complications associated with peripheral neuropathy.

Some patients may also choose to undergo expensive surgery to address the pain. Other, more simple solutions include the use of pain-relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen or soaking the affected areas in cold water for a short period of time. However, solutions for peripheral neuropathy may be both simple and lasting.

Treatment sessions with electroanalgesia offered through Neuragenex often result in immediate and long-lasting solutions to the conditions of peripheral neuropathy. Patients express relief from the pain but also the peace of mind that they do not need to rely on potentially addictive medications that have less than desirable side-effects, or the stress and fear of surgeries and invasive implanted medical devices.

William Bozeman

by William Bozeman

William is a healthcare executive, innovator, entrepreneur, inventor, and writer with a wide range of experience in the medical field. William has multiple degrees in a wide range of subjects that give depth to his capability as an entrepreneur and capacity to operate as an innovative healthcare executive. William has an associate degree in electrical technology, two undergraduate degrees in biotechnology and archaeology, an MBA, and attended medical school in Alabama. William took a leave of absence from medical school to open his first biotech lab and serve as the chief science officer, writer, and innovator. William has founded and launched multiple biotech ventures while serving in a range of positions in that field as chief executive officer, chief science officer, chief medical officer, founder, and innovator. William has brought multiple biologic products to market for clinical use applications and written many treatment protocols for application of use and helped pioneer the use of regenerative medicine in the medical field. William's research-based protocols paved the way for widescale procedure use application in the medical field. Many physicians and medical providers still use his protocols in their practice today and have shared their success and techniques with hundreds of physicians and providers. William was one of the first entrepreneurs to actively help integrate regenerative medicine into mainstream healthcare and coached hundreds of physicians and providers across the nation in the use of regenerative medicine.

William has founded and launched a range of new medical businesses and served as an executive in multiple companies in the healthcare field:

  • Multiple biotech and biologic product production labs with robust national and international distribution
  • Multiple high complex clinical toxicology and PCR labs
  • A nationwide allergy and immunotherapy medical service organization with dozens of locations
  • Founded and opened multiple medical practices and medical service programs specializing chronic pain management without medications, surgery, or invasive procedures.

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