Duane Jacobs

Hello, you all. This is Duane Jacobs and I'm here at Neuragenex. And I’ve been poked and chopped and cut, whacked – everything, for eight years. And I found these guys and I really, really like them.

And I'm going to tell you why. Because they don't go by the traditional methods. They have a very, very excellent protocol and they use everything they can to make sure they get you better.

And my feet were two dead stumps, and everybody that looked at them said "oh, they're just fine, they're just fine". Until I had a friend that had two toes cut off, and I got really serious.

And so I came in. And I'm just completing my 24th treatment, and I can give you a hundred percent assurance that it is way cool and I don't lie 'cause I'm old.

Now, here's the thing. You don't want opioids. They'll make you crazy, they'll make you die. You don't want them carving on you because there's real problems with that. I've got several scars to prove it. So go to Neuragenex and you'll get very excellent treatment for a number of different body problems, nerve problems and so forth.

Thank you.

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