Iris Coffee

Hello, my name is Iris. I’m a medical assistant at the Neuragenex in Bluffdale, Utah. I started with the company when they opened their first location in November ‘22 in Lehi, Utah. And I’ve since moved here.

Over the past five months, I’ve had the opportunity to see many patients start and complete their programs here. Patients with knee problems, neuropathy, back pain. All sorts. It’s been wonderful to see them progress.

One story in particular that stands out to me is actually one of our patients that just started recently. He came in with his daughter complaining of back pain. He couldn’t sleep. He had trouble eating. He was suffering. And in just the past a couple of weeks long, he’s already started to feel better.

He’s walking better. His daughter is thrilled to bring him to treatment and to see the progress that he’s made. And I’ve enjoyed so much watching him progress and hearing him smile and laugh through the treatment program, when he was so distraught his first day.

I love working here. I love helping people have better lives and feel better and to get out of pain. It’s been such a joy, and I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to help these people.

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