Janie Flores

Hi, my name’s Janie, and I heard about Neuragenex when I was on vacation on October 2022. And heard a bunch of wonderful testimonies about how much the program helped them. So we were interested, my husband and I were interested in giving it a shot. And then we get home and we find out that there’s one opening up in Victoria. So, as soon as we could, in January, we signed up.

And I was really impressed with the thorough examination they do. And then we went for bloodwork, and they were real thorough on the bloodwork where I found out I was pre-diabetic and also high cholesterol. So they, kind of, motivated me to change, you know, change things with my diet and stuff like that.

And I went to go have a visit with my doctor. And, you know, we discussed all the changes I needed to make. And I also joined weight watchers because of all this. I feel like it’s really changed - it motivated me to change the things I knew I needed to change.

And then we, you know, we get started with the treatments. And I’ve noticed we’ve been like several weeks into it, and I’ve noticed that my recovery times have – you know, I used to hurt, and, you know, once I hurt, I’d hurt for days or sometimes a week.

And now, you know, sometimes, I’ll overdo it. But, you know, my recovery time is, like, great. I mean I feel better, a whole lot better by the next day, or sometimes the same evening. So I’ve noticed that. And I haven’t finished my treatments yet, so hopefully that will get – also get better.

I really like the videos that they have you watch. They’re real educational. And I talked to some of my friends that are diabetics, and they had never heard about the way you should, you know, the way you should eat your food, like, eating, you know, they have you eating in a certain order to keep your glycemic index steady instead of spiking up and down.

And told me that maybe we need to get with a doctor and, you know, discuss that because that’s one of the things, you know, I learned here from watching the videos. But other than that, I mean, I can say my recovery time’s, you know, real good.

[I] love the people here. They’re wonderful. They’re great. They know what they’re doing. So I’ve enjoyed it so far, so hoping things will get better.

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