Jim Judd

What treatments have you tried before Neuragenex? Did they work?

I've tried several things over the last three years. None of them worked. I guess I couldn’t go into detail, there’s no point, you know? All I know is one of the places, the State Health Department shut them down because they were charging thousands of dollars over a period of time. And they’re claiming that insurance was covered but.. the state finally shut them down because there’s so many complaints about them.

So this is about the fourth place I’ve tried in the last two and a half to three years. And I have to say the staff here is very professional, very friendly.

I look forward to the treatments and the atmosphere. And so far I’ve had eight or nine visits and I have cause to be a lot optimistic because it seems to be working. But there’s still have ways to go before I can say I have, you know, definitely had some noticeable positive effect. But it hasn't gotten any worse.

And Neuragenex, I just found out about them a few months ago. Tried them out, and I can say definitely nice things about the treatment and the people.

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