Robert Williams

I’ve been on pain pills from the doctors for headaches for two years, and ended up being on multiple pain pills, multiple painkillers, and anxiety medications, Lorazepam, and everything else for suicidal thoughts because the pain was so high.

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Robert Wood

My first visit here, everything was explained in detail to me to help with my neuropathy. My first session was very professional. I was extremely satisfied. Everyone here at Aurora Neuragenex was kind, caring, and professional. I am a very satisfi...

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Guadalupe Cantu

Actually, I got a thing in the mail. And I never really paid attention to it. But somehow, I left it on top of the table and then a couple of days later, I saw, you know, “no pain medication”. All this and that.

And I saw what it did o...

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Mary Rich-Brazil

"Thank you, Neuragenex, for coming to Victoria, Texas. It’s something that we really need here. It’s an alternative pain treatment for us. Thank you, Neuragenex, for being here. For coming to Victoria. It’s an alternative treatment to pain t...

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Gabby Cano

To me, I mean at least, like I said we see seventy patients a day. And at least out of thirty of them in a day, they’re like, “Oh my gosh, this is amazing.”

Like even a patient I had earlier, he’s barely on his second treatment on ...

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Gregory Hunt

“Well, it’s been a rewarding experience so far and a very pleasant surprise.

I tried a multitude of things: x-rays, MRIs, injections, oral medication, therapy, the whole nine. And I’ll level with you, nothing worked. They managed the ...

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Bettie Conrad

My pain was really bad, especially at night or whenever I’m laying down. I would get sharp pains going through my legs and my feet. It went on for quite a while until I found Neuragenex.

I didn’t want to take the medication. I didn’t...

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Misty Webb

"Hey, Misty here at Neuragenex at the Victoria location.

I wanted to speak out today regarding a patient that we’ve had. He’s been coming the past four weeks. He came in with lower back pain. And he expressed that he’s a rancher and ...

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Sunshine McCloud

“I haven’t actually tried any treatments. I had actually done medications, and I was looking for treatment to just see if it would help at all, and so I said I’m coming here and let’s see what it does.

I actually have been able to w...

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Copyright 2023 Neuragenex. All rights reserved.