James Lenard

[It’s been seven] weeks of Neuragenex, working on my left shoulder, which had very limited range and and my left elbow which was arthritic, or is arthritic and very limited range of movement at that.

After the seven weeks of the treatmen...

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Iris Coffee

Hello, my name is Iris. I’m a medical assistant at the Neuragenex in Bluffdale, Utah. I started with the company when they opened their first location in November ‘22 in Lehi, Utah. And I’ve since moved here.

Over the past five months...

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Linda and Tony Malette

Tony: The reason I came for treatment here is I have lower back problems. And I’ve had three treatments now. [And right after the first treatment], before the first treatment, I would shuffle when I walk ‘cause of so much pain. After the first...

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Janie Flores

Hi, my name’s Janie, and I heard about Neuragenex when I was on vacation on October 2022. And heard a bunch of wonderful testimonies about how much the program helped them. So we were interested, my husband and I were interested in giving it a s...

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Lawrence LaCroix

"Hi, my name is Lawrence LaCroix. I’m being treated here at Neuragenex in Lehi. It’s a good facility. It’s staffed by the most competent, professional, friendly, warm staff you’d really wanna meet.

The treatments are effective. I’...

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Ephraim Claudio

I have been pleasantly surprised at the fact that I have begun to feel some positive improvement in my painful foot condition. And beside that, coming here is a pleasure.


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David Gisler

“Six weeks ago, I decided to contact Neuragenex to see if they could help with this knee pain that I've had for a while. It had gotten to the point it was limiting my daily activities, walking, exercising, anything such as that.

And it t...

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Taylor Royce

“The best treatment for me, in the past, probably was just sleep. Sleep off the pain. I had some painkillers like Ibuprofen from time to time, but that’s pretty much it. Before electroanalgesia–how do you pronounce it?, I don’t think I did...

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Jim Judd

"I've tried several things over the last three years. None of them worked. I guess I couldn’t go into detail, there’s no point, you know? All I know is one of the places, the State Health Department shut them down because they were charging th...

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Copyright 2023 Neuragenex. All rights reserved.