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Stop The Never-Ending Blurry Vision And Headache Pain From Chronic Migraines Today

Chronic migraines are defined as migraines that occur more than 15 days a month, and can last from four hours to as long as three days. Symptoms vary but often include blurred vision, neck pain, nausea, sensitivity to light, throbbing pain, and head pain. Such symptoms can make it difficult to do anything active, much less get out of bed. 

As you can imagine, this constant pain and discomfort can be enormously debilitating, especially since migraines can appear with little to no warning, leaving you incapacitated and unable to function normally for hours — sometimes even days.

Nobody wants to feel the pain, discomfort, and frustration that comes with migraine headaches, especially not on a regular basis. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Our team at Neutragenix can help you reduce the frequency of your migraines as well as the duration and intensity of your symptoms. We provide an innovative approach to managing pain associated with chronic migraines and headaches.

  • Blinding blurry moments of pain
  • Canceling plans at the last minute
  • Side effects from medication
  • Fear of unpredictable migraines
  • Having migraine at inopportune times
  • Experiencing pain free days
  • Having hope for the future
  • Having clear headed pain free time
  • Planning your day without worry of pain

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What causes Chronic Migraines and Headaches

It’s estimated that around 12 percent of the population experiences migraine headaches, with 3 to 5 percent of Americans experiencing chronic migraines and headaches. Although the actual cause of migraines is unknown, there are believed to be several factors that contribute to the development and exacerbation of migraine pain. These include stress, hormonal changes, certain medications, changes in the weather, certain foods or drinks, and sleep disturbances.

When episodic migraines begin to occur regularly, they become chronic migraines. Many factors contribute to the development of chronic migraines, including obesity, disrupted sleep patterns, mood disorders, emotional stress, and caffeine intake. Additionally, the overuse of medications to treat episodic migraines and headaches has also been known to lead to chronic migraines.

The Neuragenex Protocol for Chronic Migraines and Headaches

Our Neurofunctional Pain Management approach is a pain management protocol designed explicitly as a holistic process for relieving chronic pain, restoring health, and improving your quality of life. 

We use a combination of therapies to achieve these goals – including electroanalgesia and IV therapy. This combination of treatments helps reduce localized and systemic inflammation and provides pain relief that can last for extended periods.

By taking this approach, we help prevent the need for surgery and other invasive procedures, which can lead to various complications, including injuries and infections. Our treatment solutions also work as an alternative to opioid medications, which can be addictive and can have long-term physical and psychological side effects. 

Additionally, our treatment solutions are more effective than chiropractic treatment, which is not scientifically proven to work and can even result in injuries or an exacerbation of your symptoms.

Finally, we focus on educating our patients to help them make lifestyle improvements that will mitigate the risk of experiencing further pain in the future. With this in mind, the following is a brief explanation of how we use our neurofunctional pain management approach to treat chronic migraines and headaches:

Electroanalgesia for Chronic Migraines and Headaches

Electroanalgesia is an external high-pulse electrical stimulation treatment that we use to reduce pain and inflammation associated with chronic headaches. This therapy helps relax tense muscles, reduce spasms, manage swelling, and improve the patient’s overall level of comfort, which can be incredibly beneficial for chronic migraine sufferers.

Electroanalgesia is an FDA-approved therapy that has been proven to be effective. However, it’s not commonly used because it doesn’t provide the quick-fix relief that other treatments offer. For instance, some healthcare providers use TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machines. However, TENS devices use low-pulse currents, meaning that they are only suitable for temporary, short-term relief from pain — not chronic pain.

Since we focus on patient wellness over short-term relief, electroanalgesia is an ideal therapy for our chronic migraine and headache patients. This is because the pain relief you experience following electroanalgesia lasts longer for every session you have — all without the risks involved with painkillers or surgery.

Electroanalgesia helps reduce pain in several ways: First, the electrical current stimulates nerve endings, reducing the amount of pain signals sent to the brain. Second, electroanalgesia helps release endorphins, which are natural chemicals that provide a feeling of well-being and relaxation and help alleviate pain.

As part of our Neuragenex protocol, we provide two electroanalgesia treatments per week for 12 weeks.

IV Therapy for Chronic Migraines and Headaches

IV therapy is a treatment in which a combination of vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and hydrating fluids are delivered intravenously via an IV drip. This therapy helps provide the body with essential nutrients that are quickly absorbed by your cells and can help reduce inflammation, pain, and nausea, all of which are common symptoms of chronic migraines and headaches. IV therapy helps provide both instant and long-term relief, which is why we use it in combination with electroanalgesia to provide overall relief from chronic pain. 

We prescribe IV therapy treatments based on each patient’s specific symptoms and needs following a thorough bloodwork evaluation.

Lifestyle Counseling for Chronic Migraines and Headaches

Our lifestyle counseling services include providing our patients with nutritional advice, lifestyle adjustments, stress management tips, and more. We also provide tips on how to identify migraine triggers and what to do to help mitigate their effects. 

When it comes to managing chronic pain caused by migraines and headaches, we focus on helping our patients create and maintain healthy habits that will help them reduce their pain over the long term, even after they have stopped receiving treatments. Doing so not only provides physical relief from chronic pain, but also mental and emotional relief, which can go a long way in improving patient’s quality of life.

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Copyright 2023 Neuragenex. All rights reserved.