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Frozen shoulder occurs when the shoulder joint becomes stiff, making it hard to move or even lift your arm. The resulting pain and lack of mobility make it difficult to use the affected arm for anything, whether it’s physical activities you used to enjoy (such as playing sports) or even activities of daily living (ADL), such as picking things up or reaching for something.

Unfortunately, frozen shoulder can last over three years if not treated properly. Dealing with a frozen shoulder for this long can severely hurt your overall quality of life. Fortunately, our Neuragenex protocol is designed to help you get long-term relief from the dull, aching pain associated with frozen shoulder safely and effectively and even help restore your range of motion.

  • Pain and stiffness in your shoulder
  • Dependence on painkillers
  • Inability to play sports
  • Trouble using your arm
  • Comfortably using your shoulders
  • Enjoying a pain-free life
  • Participating in more physical activities
  • Moving your arm freely

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What Causes Pain From a Frozen Shoulder?

A frozen shoulder is caused by inflammation of the shoulder joint capsule (which is why the condition is also referred to as adhesive capsulitis). It can lead to various symptoms, including pain and stiffness. The shoulder joint capsule is a fluid-filled sac that surrounds the shoulder joint and is responsible for helping to move your arm. 

As your shoulder capsule swells, it can press on the nerves that run through your shoulder and cause dull to severe pain. The pain you experience depends on the severity of your frozen shoulder. Over time, this inflammation may also cause your shoulder joint to become stiff, making it hard to lift or move your arm. 

Several factors, including age, injury, or surgery, can cause frozen shoulder. Long-term immobilization of the shoulder joint—such as from a cast, sling, or splint—can also be a cause. 

Finally, certain diseases can also increase the risk of a frozen shoulder, including hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and cardiovascular disease.

The Neuragenex Protocol For Frozen Shoulder Pain

At Neuragenex, we believe the most effective treatment of a frozen shoulder is a neurofunctional pain management approach. As such, we designed our Neuragenex protocol to address the symptoms of a frozen shoulder safely and effectively. 

It’s why we take a holistic approach to treating frozen shoulder that doesn’t involve invasive procedures (such as surgery), painkillers, or chiropractic treatment, all of which present various risks that include potential infections, side effects, and further injuries.

Instead, we use non-invasive, drug-free, and non-chiropractic treatment solutions, including electroanalgesia and IV therapy. Additionally, because we take a holistic treatment approach, we provide lifestyle counseling as part of our Neuragenex protocol.

Electroanalgesia For Frozen Shoulder Pain

Electroanalgesia is a treatment solution that uses electrical stimulation to help reduce pain associated with a frozen shoulder. We use electroanalgesia therapy to deliver electrical pulses to the affected area, which helps block pain signals and release endorphins.

Additionally, electroanalgesia helps increase blood flow to the site, which helps reduce inflammation, a particular concern regarding frozen shoulder.

Electroanalgesia may sound like an innovative new treatment, but it’s been around for decades and is FDA-approved as a safe and effective pain management solution.

It may sound similar to TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy because it uses electrical currents, but they are very different. TENS therapy uses low-pulse electrical currents to provide temporary pain relief.

Electroanalgesia is much more effective for treating chronic pain because it uses high-pulse currents to offer long-term relief. Unfortunately, despite being FDA-approved, many medical practitioners don’t recommend electroanalgesia because it’s much easier to prescribe pain medications or recommend surgery.

For electroanalgesia to be as effective as possible, multiple sessions are needed. At Neuragenex, we prescribe 24 sessions over 12 weeks. The more sessions you do, the longer-lasting the pain relief becomes.

When it comes down to it, not only is electroanalgesia more effective than the alternatives but it’s also proven to be much safer.

IV Therapy For Frozen Shoulder Pain

IV (intravenous) therapy is a pain management solution that uses vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to help the body heal. It works because the fluids and nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream, which increases their effectiveness.

IV therapy is beneficial for treating frozen shoulder because it helps reduce inflammation in the shoulder joint, which can help reduce the pain and improve your mobility.

At Neuragenex, we will evaluate the bloodwork of each patient before prescribing a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes for IV therapy. This allows us to tailor the treatment solution precisely to the needs of each patient.

Lifestyle Counseling For Frozen Shoulder Pain

Because we take a holistic approach to treat frozen shoulder, our Neuragenex protocol also includes providing our patients with lifestyle counseling. This means that we look at the patient’s lifestyle as a whole and provide advice on how to make small changes that can help improve their condition. As such, lifestyle counseling is tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

For example, we might advise you on improving your posture to reduce strain or suggest specific exercises that increase mobility. We also provide guidance on lifestyle changes such as reducing stress, getting adequate rest, and eating a balanced diet.

Not only can such counseling help reduce pain and increase mobility in the affected shoulder, but it can also support your recovery so that the condition does not worsen.

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Copyright 2023 Neuragenex. All rights reserved.